Shiba'i Chuutatsu
Kyosho shibai
Vital statistics
Name Shiba'i Chuutatsu
3 Kingdoms Counterpart Sima Yi
as Kentei: Xian Di
Dragon As Shibai, she co-shared Sousou's power.

As Kentei, no.

Weapon As Shibai, none as she never fought.

As Kentei, a broadsword.

First Appearance As Shibai: Dragon Destiny (Reference pic)

As Kentei: Xtreme Xecutors

Seiyuu Mitsuki Saiga

Shiba'i Chuutatsu (司馬懿 仲達), fake name Kentei (献帝).

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In episode 11 of Xtreme Xecutor, it was revealed that main series villain Kentei was indeed Shiba'i.

  • Manga version

The true shadow leader of Kyosho and arch-nemesis of Koumei. She uses a wheelchair because she lost her feet years ago while Teni went on a killing rampage. She also has a dragon tattoo on her right hand. Teni looked up to Shibai and called her "Maria-sama", treating her as a divine higher power. Shibai is secretly running Kyosho and is also Sousou's lover. She is secretly manipulating Sousou towards an ill-defined goal. She shows no sympathy towards her loyal toushi. For example, she did not show any remorse towards Teni after she was horribly injured by Ryomou during their battle. She was almost killed by Sousou during one of his dragon stages but was saved just in time by Kyocho.

  • Anime version

The same as in the manga. Her tattoos glow whenever she uses her chi. In the anime she plans to send the world into chaos by using Sousou and other evil spirits. During the Battle of Chibi she attempted to run over her enemies in a car but crashed. It was during this she revealed that she could still actually walk, her crippleness was thought to be a deception tactic. She attacked Ryubi but was cut down by Kanu. She merged her powers with Sousou and her physical body crumbled away.

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Characteristics Edit

Shiba'i is highly manipulative and condescending towards the entire cast. She cares only about bringing about the rage of the undead warriors from 1800 years ago and seemingly does not care at all about anyone who she has working for her.