Nanyou Gakuin (南陽 學院) - Nanyang Academy
Youshuu Gakuen (揚州 學園) - Yangzhou High School
Rakuyou Koukou (洛陽 高校) - Luoyang Senior High
Kyoshou Gakuin (許昌 學院) - Xuchang Academy
Ugan Koukou (烏丸 高校) - Wuhuan High School
Gogun Koukou (吳郡 高校) - Wu Prefecture Senior High
Seito Gakuen (成都 學園) - Chengdu High School
Yoshuu Gakuin (豫州 學院) - Yuzhou Academy
Ryoushuu Gakuen (涼州 学園) - Liangzhou High School
Nanban Koukou (南蠻 高校) - Nanman Senior High
Other schools

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