Kyocho Chuukou
Kyosho kyocho
Vital statistics
Name Kyocho Chuukou
3 Kingdoms Counterpart Xu Chu
First Appearance Reference pic
Seiyuu Hana Takeda

Kyocho Chuukou (許褚 仲康)

A very tall first-year student at Kyosho Academy and one of Sousou's loyal fighters. She was easily able to block a powerful chi blast from Sousou aimed towards Shibai. Although Chukou plays for Kyosho's volleyball team, she is also part of the school's stitching club and is wanted for the judo club. Chukou and Sousou used to be in a judo club when they were younger, but due to her staggering height for her age, she was picked on and assumed to be a male by the other male club members. After what could be called an attempted molestation (being that the judo club members used force to reveal whether or not she was male or female), Sousou walked in and his dragon manifested itself. He easily slaughtered all that were there in an attempt to protect his friend. After regaining consciousness, Chukou embraced Sousou and calmed his rage. Because of this, Chukou resolved to protect him even if it cost her life to do so.

In Dragon Destiny, she is ordered by Shibai to keep an eye on Sousou if he becomes too powerful. After the Battle of Red Cliffs, she returns to playing for her volleyball team.

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