Kan'u Unchou
Seito kanu
Vital statistics
Name Kan'u Unchou
3 Kingdoms Counterpart Guan Yu
Dragon No
Weapon Blue Dragon Crescent Blade (Spear)
First Appearance
Seiyuu Hiroe Oka (Season 1)
Hitomi Nabatame (Season 2-4)

Kan'u Unchou (關羽 雲長)

Characteristics Edit

She is a third year student at Seito academy. She is charged with protecting the student council president, Ryuubi Gentoku. Kan'u is a fierce warrior and an A-ranked fighter. Despite this, she seems to have developed feelings for Ryuubi, although she knows she can never act on them. Her weapon of choice is the Blue Dragon Crescent Blade, a very tough guando.