Kaku Bunwa
Kyosho kaku
Vital statistics
Name Kaku Bunwa
3 Kingdoms Counterpart Jia Xu
First Appearance
Seiyuu Haruhi Terada (Season 1)
Shiho Kawaragi (Season 2)

Kaku Bunwa (賈詡 文和)

A bespectaled, long raven-haired beauty who was once Totaku's second-in-command. Intelligent, seductive, and manipulative, her power lay in manipulating others into doing her dirty work as she is otherwise an average fighter. She helped set up the events that led to Ryubi's dragon being awakened three years before the start of the series, and offered to help Enjutsu get the respect he should have had as Nanyo's leader at the time. Knowing Teifu's feelings for Ryomou, Kaku disguised herself as Ryomou and faked a video in which she was about to be raped by Enjutsu's henchmen. Teifu fell for it and was forced into attacking Seito and look for Ryubi in order to protect Ryomou. In reality, the entire plan was devised by Totaku in order to see how powerful Ryubi's dragon was. After Totaku's death, Kaku switched sides and joined Sousou, who accepted her with open arms. She became (or always has been) Kakuka's lover, plotting to take advantage of Sousou's power. She was genuinely in love with him until he was taken out of action. However, she gets into a sexual relationship with whomever she plots with (Totaku, Kakuka and now currently Junyu). She is aware of Koukin's crush on Hakufu (although it is possible that everyone in the series knows it), and also teased him by taking off her underwear in front of him before three other Kyosho girls seduced him in an attempt to make him defect from Nanyo. She suspected Koukin's plan of bodily harm, but failed to plan accordingly.
  • Anime version
Kaku's anime counterpart is portrayed as more submissive than her manga counterpart, but is also more trusting and trustworthy. She is less seductive and does not act as calculating or as cunning. In fact, she seems almost caring towards Sousou and his friends, leading them to trust her more, or at least be less suspicious of her. She also gives out the orders to Kakouen to search for the Dragon Jade. She could have been working for her own needs after she was told by Sousou that she was no longer necessary for his plans. However, she was not involved in the Battle of Red Cliffs. She does not appear again for the rest of the series until the end, where she meets up with an amnesiac Kakouton.

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