Dragon Destiny
Ikki tousen
Vital statistics
Name Dragon Destiny
Number of Episodes 12 + 6 OVAs
Animation Studio ARMS
TV Network AT-X
Director Koichi Ohata
Writer Mosanao Akahoshi
Air Date February 26, 2007 – May 14, 2007

Episode List Edit

  1. "The Movements of a Newborn Dragon's Spirit"
  2. "Awakening of the Devil King"
  3. "Dripping Blood, Shedding Tears"
  4. "Chance Meeting Between Two Dragons"
  5. "Cruel Toushi"
  6. "An Encounter with The Crouching Dragon"
  7. "Kanu's Surrender"
  8. "A Minor Leader's Glorious Defeat"
  9. "Shattered Friendship"
  10. "Koukin's Vissitude"
  11. "The War of Toushi"
  12. "Chibi Ablaze!"

Ova List Edit

  1. "Seito's Big Boobs"
  2. "Nanyou's Wild Breasts"
  3. "Let's Cosplay Glorious General"
  4. "Unparalleled Explosive Breasts Yakyuuken Part 1"
  5. "Unparalleled Explosive Breasts Yakyuuken Part 2"
  6. "The Party Remains Left by the Fighters"

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