Rakuyou chousen
Vital statistics
Name Chousen
3 Kingdoms Counterpart Diaochan
Dragon Possibly
Weapon Chinese Blade
First Appearance Ikkitousen - Shining Dragon
Seiyuu Yu Kobayashi

Chousen (貂蟬) is introduced in the first Ikkitousen game, Shining Dragon. Compared to her Romance of the Three Kingdoms counterpart, Chousen is much more aggressive and brash, carries a sword as her main weapon, and does not have same romantic feelings for Ryofu [as Original Diao Chan did for Lu Bu], but is still on friendly terms with her. It is also noted that Chousen in Shining Dragon had desired to awaken her own Dragon Potent to crush Hakufu and Ryuubi [which explains why she shapeshifted into various Nanyou and Seito representatives (varies among whom's storyline one plays as)]. In the next Ikkitousen game installment Chousen has been relegated to that of a mid-boss type badguy who seeks revenge for her plans being halted, so she sided with Kyoshou faction to seek revenge on Nanyou/Seito. However, it seems that after being defeated by Kan'u Unchou, she is broken free of a mind control (presumably Sousou's as he comes out to chide Chousen directly after she loses). It is also interesting to note that like Kanpei's crush on Kanu in Eloquent Fist, Ekitoku has a not so intimate girl-crush on Chousen, even going as far as to call her "onee-san" in the scene before she fights Round 2 Chousen. Few months later, and after a humiliating defeat to presumably Kanu in Shining Dragon, Chousen returns in the PlayStation Portable game 'Ikkitousen Eloquent Fist' scathing from her last loss and hell-bent on vengeance, but loses her motivation after Kanpei snaps and mows her down with relative ease which sets up her being manipulated by Kyosho (namely Shibai this time) for a second time, but snaps back to normal after being trumped by her close friend, Ryofu Housen. It is to be noted that Chousen does have a Dragon ability, "albeit a Light type based Dragon" and either refuses to use it under her own volition or simply does not know how to.

Characteristics Edit

Although appearing to wear the skirt of Rakuyou Koukou, the game states she is only affiliated with them. Personality-wise, Chousen is uncouth and loud. She fights using a huge buster-like Chinese Blade, which she carries over her shoulder.